eNegotiation (08-714)

Fourth Party Logistics, Inc. (FPL) has contacted ebConsultants, LLP. We have been asked to improve FPL's sourcing of transportation from their carriers. After spending a lot of time thinking about what makes the most sense for FPL while collecting their sourcing requirements, ebConsultants, LLP believes that we need a Web-based expressive reverse auction mechanism that will accomplish FPL's specific goals. Students need to design an expressive reverse auction-like electronic negotiation mechanism for use between FPL and it's carriers, which will achieve the goals as well as possible. In the design document, the students should lay out the different dimensions of the design space of auction mechanisms. The students should provide suitable justification for the choices they have made in the design. Within that document, they also need to provide details about goals and requirements that the design does not meet and explain why they could not be accomplished.