Data Mining, CRM (08-711)

One of ebConsultants clients in the retail sector has approached the company about ways they can help them to determine what types of products they should be developing.  Additionally, the company is also wishing to begin a contextual advertising campaign, and would like to see an analysis of which products they should be marketing together.  The CIO believes that the company’s historical data can be mined for sufficiently detailed trends and associations to make these business decisions with a good measure of reliability.  The client would also like to know how reliable the predictions are the students in this course are asked to use data mining techniques to comb through the historical data, and ferret out the information they are looking for based on the buying habits of existing customers and their profiles.  More specifically students learn statistical classifier data mining methods focusing on decision-tree induction and nearest neighbor classifier for multi-dimensional data in order to make predictions about new customer buying preferences and new product introduction sales volumes.