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The field of information technology is continually changing and progressing. To thrive in the tech industry, it is important to be prepared for current technology, along with unknown and imminent advancement. The MSIT eBusiness Technoloy program is unique because it teaches students how to learn. We believe acquiring the skills that enable you to keep up with an ever-changing field is invaluable. Armed with the ability to keep up with inevitable growth in the industry, our graduates are prepared to succeed in their careers. 

The MSIT eBusiness Technology curriculum teaches a multitude of necessary information technology topics by industry experts. As the premiere 'learning-by-doing' program, there is an emphasis on teamwork and project-based tasks. This structure especially prepares graduates for the real-life work environment. While this degree does not produce specialists in one single field, graduates will instead find themselves with a diverse range of career options.

Examples of our graduate's range of employment opportunities can be found below.



How to be involved

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you or your company have interest in the following options:

             *Requesting resumes

             *Scheduling on-campus interviews with MSIT eBusiness students and alumni

             *Scheduling an Information Session about your company

             *Posting jobs directly to the MSIT eBusiness Technology students or alumni

             *Volunteering to conduct mock interviews

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support of the MSIT eBusiness Technology Program.


practicum results

After the students have completed 16 eBusiness team tasks, they are already highly skilled consultants. To prove that to themselves and the faculty, the students are once again divided into teams to work on real problems of current interest furnished by actual industrial sponsors.  The projects usually involve the design and implementation of an eBusiness system at least at the level of a prototype. This involves a requirements analysis, selection of a technology and consideration of alternative designs. The students must negotiate the scope of the project, achieve agreement on deliverables, and secure sponsor approval of interim deliverables. The last half of the Practicum is occupied with implementation, completion of written work product and refining presentations. Past Practicum sponsors have included Alcoa, American Eagle Outfitters, BNY Mellon, Dick's Sporting Goods, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo.



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