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2017 Practicum Competition

On Friday, August 25, student teams began gathering outside of Rashid Auditorium in Carnegie Mellon’s Gates-Hillman building. The Practicum Competition is the last day of the MSIT eBusiness Technology program. Understandably, the atmosphere holds both nerves and excitement as the students prepared for a full day of competition.

Every year, this highly anticipated event is the culmination of weeks of hard work by teams made up of MSIT eBusiness students. The Practicum is the final program requirement before the students can graduate with their heard-earned Masters of Science degree in Information Technology, eBusiness Technology. There is a lot of importance surrounding the public competition. Each team has 20 minutes to explain and demonstrate what they have achieved after nine full weeks of work. While there is a strong inclination to impress the crowd, students ultimately must stand out to the three judges in order to win the competition (and prize money). The student’s grades for the Practicum project are finalized before the public competition by the program’s faculty.

This year, the judges awarded Team InteloMed the title of Best Practicum and $14,000 for their project “Real-Time Contactless Medical Sensing”. Second place was awarded to the BNY Mellon student team for their project, “Application Dependencies and Incident Management”.

Congratulations to all nine teams from the MSIT eBusiness Technology program for their hard work and dedication throughout the 2017 practicum project.