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Message from the director:

The School of Computer Science and the Institute for Software Research have decided to discontinue the "MSIT in eBusiness Technology" graduate program as of the end of August 2018, after the graduation of the current class.  The program has been part of the SCS portfolio since 2004, and it has shown growing success in educational accomplishment and in placement of students. There have been changes in the economic environment, however, and the learning-by-doing methodology of the program -- which requires intense faculty involvement, with seventeen faculty members working to deliver the curriculum each year -- is no longer financially viable. The decision was not made lightly in view of the exceptional academic quality of the program, its uniqueness in the world, the caliber of its faculty and staff, and the outstanding characteristics of its current students and nearly 1,000 alumni around the world.  The program will continue in normal fashion through graduation.  No new applications will be accepted.



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