Stay Connected

As an MSIT eBusiness Technology student you received valuable training in eBusiness technology and joined a vibrant community of individuals devoted to the practical application of this training. You shared ideas and experiences with people from diverse backgrounds, forming life-long friendships and a solid foundation upon which you have built your career. As an alumnus, you continue to be an important member of this dynamic community.

Look for updates on a variety of alumni events, as well as resources to enrich your professional and personal lives.  We are here to help you stay in touch with all members of the MSIT eBusiness Technology community including current students, faculty, staff and other alumni.

If you would like to conduct an information session for the current students, stay in touch with other alumni, offer your time for mock interviews, or join alumni dinners and reunions, please let us know.  We value the support of alumni and look forward to hearing from you!



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